Thursday, February 16, 2012

I don't want to face reality

I saw these photos on my computer just now...
I miss this place
I miss Sunderland
I miss everything which happened in the UK
Yeah~what a lovely place
I do miss u- England...!

Recalling those cheerful days, recalling the last three years...
It was carefree and lighthearted
Cos I "didnt have" to worry about the money
I "didnt have" to look for a job
I "didnt have" to face anyone that I dont really like
I "didnt have" to do the stuff that I dont really like as well
what I had to do just 'Take care of 'Myself' and 'Study hard'

 See "Took care of" myself was too way EASY

  LAZY to cook then went out for dinner

But sometimes, study also very HARD and STRESSFUL
I often mooned about those days because of STRESS and INSOMIA

Library----Stay overnight
went home late
When I got home late, and saw my own room...
 "homesicks","helpless","stressful" just dissapear without a trace
I felt so warm amd comfy 
especially I saw the double bed
Cos I could assume any pose that I like when I tried to sleep : )

After handed in all of the assignments
hung out with friends
  relax at the SEABURN
 Enjoyed myself at seaside(SEABURN)cannot without "FISH & CHIPS"
After finished my Fish & chips
It's time for me to plan where to go and travel Maybe?
 Air force show with the crowd
Nice experiences with Football Fans 

Trip to York

Trip to  Lake District
Trip to Glasgow

Trip to Scotland
Well!!still got lot of photos but me lazy to upload it! LOL!
As u can see trip Everywhere and those days are past and gone!
I promise myself, I will earn money and go there for visiting one day!
These photos evoke memories of the past
 Before I came back to Malaysia, My foreign friend asked me:"Will u miss England when u get back?"
I said:"No Way! I won't Miss England!So No Way!"
But now...
I do...
I do miss England...I do...
I wish I were there for study at present time , so that no need to face the reality...
no need to face the money problem
no need to face the job problem
what's my next step? I still confusing...
I lose my real smile
I lose  my confidence
I lose my aim
I lose my mind
I think I lose everything at the moment
I dont know what am i going to do Next!
God bless me

P/S: I miss u PETER!!!

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